Pixodesk Animator Features

Supported Lottie Animation File Features

Check the list below to find out which Lottie features are supported in Pixodesk Animator.
Object Types: Ellipse Rectangle Polygon Star Shape/Path (Bezier) Image Text Group Animation Block (Precomposition)
Fill & Stroke Color: Flat Color Radial Gradient Linear Gradient
Fill: Fill Rule
Stroke: Width Line Cap Line Join Miter Limit Dashes
Transforms: Position Position (separated X/Y) Scale Anchor Point Rotation Auto Orient Skew Opacity
Easing/Interpolation: Linear Interpolation Bezier Interpolation
Trim Path: Individually Simultaneously
Clipping: Add Subtract Intersect
Masks (Mattes): Alpha Mask (Matte) Alpha Inverted Mask (Matte)
Filters (Effects): Blur Shadow Alpha Mask (Matte)
Text: Custom Fonts Glyphs Text Along Path
Repeater: Position Scale Anchor Point Rotation Skew Opacity
Misc: Time Stretch Time remap Markers Parent Refs

Vector Drawing Features


  • Drawing: Ellipse tool, Rectangle tool, Polygon tool, Star tool, Pen tool, Node tool
  • Transform tool: change position, anchor point, rotate, scale, skew, opacity
  • Gradient tool: change gradient control points
  • Repeater tool: shows repeater control points, has basic create repeater actions
  • Hand tool: allows to move the page, doesn't show object selection

Path Operations

  • Change nodes and their control points
  • Boolean operations: Unite, Subtract, Intersect and Exclude
  • Combine and break apart paths
  • Convert a stroke into a path
  • Convert simple shapes such as ellipse, rectangle, polygon, star into paths
  • Convert text into paths
  • Make shape symmetric around two selected adjacent points
  • Replace corner with arc of given radius
  • Align and distribute points
  • Groups

Object Tree

  • Group and ungroup
  • Rearrange shapes and groups by drag and drop
  • Search groups and shapes by title
  • Z-Order mode. You can change the global order of objects without breaking out of their parent group. (Better UI for parent refs in Lottie)
  • Put objects into an animation block to reuse them multiple times or to reduce complexity.


  • Flat colors, linear and radial gradients
  • Opacity
  • Dashed stroke
  • Trim path


  • Custom fonts
  • Text along path
  • Convert text into paths


  • Snap to grid
  • Snap to the edges and centers of other shapes.
  • Snap angles


  • png, jpeg, gif images
  • base64 url images

Animation Features

Animated Properties

  • Animated position, rotation, scale, skew and opacity properties
  • Motion along path with or without auto-rotation
  • Animated stroke color, opacity and width properties
  • Animated fill color and opacity properties
  • Animated dashes. Each dash and dash offset can be animated separately.
  • Animated basic shape dimensions
  • Animated path shape that lets you create morph animations.


  • Compact UI - one animated property per row.
  • Auto-animation allows you to freeze the scene state at specific time points.
    When you change object properties at another time point, auto-animation will automatically create keyframes for you.
  • Linear and bezier easing timing functions
  • Loop individual property animation
  • Time markers

Easing Presets

  • Built-in easing functions
  • Easing charts that also show the first derivative (velocity) and second derivative (acceleration) of the easing function, allowing for a better understanding of its nature.

Export Features

SVG with JavaScript Animations

  • Start the animation when it is clicked or when the pointer enters it
  • Start the animation when it is scrolled into view
  • Select the mouse cursor for the document
  • Add custom JavaScript

SVG with CSS Animations

  • SVG with CSS Animations

Other formats

  • Animated GIFs
  • Video webm
  • Static png, jpeg, webp